Our Supported Missionary Families


Sunday School 9:30 AM Morning Service 10:45 AM Afternoon Service 2:30pm Wednesday Night 7:00 PM

North America

Julaine Appling/United States/Other

Tim and Roseanne Bower/Haiti/Open Door Baptist Mission

Brian and Janice Hampton/Haiti/International Baptist Missions

Tim Carpenter/United States/Bearing Precious Seed

Jim And Monica Hoffman/United States/Scandinavians for Christ

Michael and Stephanie Smith/Church Builders/Biblical Ministries Worldwide

Joe and Bonnie Valentin/United States/Bibles International

Paula Van Natta/Puerto Rico/Baptist World Missions

Dr. Scott Jones/United States/WI Fellowship of Baptist Churches

James and Beth Wittenberger/United States/Bibles International

Jim and Myra Wright/Mission Furlough Replacement/Baptist World Missions

Mark And Sara Pitts/Baptist Mid-Missions

South America

Roberto and Patricia Coelhos/Brazil/Baptist World Missions

Jonathan and Micki Rehfeldt/Uruguay/Baptist World Missions

Caleb & Ecko Stein/Peru/Baptist Mid-Missions


John and Ruth Bergen/Scotland/Baptist Bible Fellowship Int'l

Jodi Harrison/Spain/Baptist Mid-Missions

Les and Jennifer Hill/Ireland/Baptist World Missions

David and Jean Potter/Hungary/Baptist World Missions

Josh and Rachel Roberts/Wales/Baptist World Missions

Josep and Sara Segurado/Spain/Baptist World Missions

Don and Jill Vanderhoof/Germany/Baptist World Missions


Dan and Karis Seely/Cameroon/Baptist Mid-Missions

Nathanael and Lynette Steinbart/Kenya/Baptist World Missions

Middle East

Musa and Judit Abu-Ali/Holy Land/Baptist World Missions

T & L Family Ministries/Other


The A. family/Baptist World Missions

Chandrashekar and Irene Eda/India/International Baptist Missions

Michael and Jennifer Fiocchi/Albania/Baptist World Missions

Phil and Mila Kamibayashiyama/Philippines/Gospel Fellowship Association

Dan and DeLana Kowach/South Korea/Baptist World Missions

Ruth Potter/Philippines/Gospel Fellowship Association

Pastor Solomon & Sandhya Raju/India/International Baptist Missions


Jon and Heather Clapp/Palau/Biblical Ministries Worldwide